ACE Philosophy

Whatch the Wheels Turn
Buy a Bike Philosophy Defined: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline

Waiting can be defined as the time between an expectation and its fulfillment. I would like to point out that this period of time does not have to be a bad time. It is, in fact, just another time that should be used wisely. We should not let waiting interfere with our pursuit of happiness.

Are you feeling stressed? Try lowering our expectations and give a little time and money to your local church. You may find yourself getting a funny feeling called happiness. Also, exercise, like riding your bike, is very helpful.

Support your small and local businesses or there will be none left. Nearly all the wealth in this country is owned by about 3% of the population and this unequal distribution is rising fast? Should there be a cap? What do you think?


PS: Never take another persons life or hurt anyone. Start watching the Near Death Experiences people have on and There is a afterlife and we are all connected so be cool to one another!