Parks Report

This is the Arnold Park Ice Skating Report 2019 in Vestal New York 13850. I plan do to a Mountain Bike Trails Report too.

Get outside and ice skate at Arnold Park Vestal. I was the only one there last night and the time before that only one or two other skaters came out. There is a goal up on the ice that is falling apart. Bring a drill and some pins to fix and stabilize it. I left it down so you can shoot at the pipe and the puck returns back to you like a pass.

Note: if the Ice is soft do not walk on it as it ruins the surface with your footprints. After any snow please bring a shovel and help clear the ice. A Vestal plow clears the ice for us from time to time so thanks to them.

See the location and ice with this link to a picture

02/27/20 Recreation Park opens new outdoor Ice Skating Rink in Binghamton. Its open every day and night so get out there before it all melts. Heres a picture.

03/07/19 The Ice is good. The Vestal Plow has cleared areas to skate so get up there this Friday or Friday night. Saturday may be too warm. Bring your shovel to help clear the light powder snow. Have some fun and tell your friends before its all melted.

02/24/2019 Ice was excellent and should continue to be good for ice skating this week as the colder temperatures remain. Sunday 2/24/19 is windy and warming to a high of 50 degrees so wait until Monday on thru the week.