Bike Repair

Get your bike repair or serviced at The head mechanic is the owner and has over 30 years of experience. We can fix just about any issue you are having with your bicycle. You can get your flat tire fixed or your brakes and grears adjusted or whatever you need done. If you have a bent wheel we can replace the wheel saving you the money on buying a new bike. It takes many specialized tools to properly service your bicycle so you may want to bring it in for a estimate. Bicycle derailleur adjustment can also get tricky if you try it on your own. If your wheel has been wobbling for a while you probably need a new rear wheel. The hubs get ruined if the bike is ridden with a loose axle. We fix both new and older retro bikes so don’t worry we can help.
If you have a road bike, hybrid, mountain, downhill, BMX, freestyle or racing its no problem.

We also sell all the Park and other brand tools you need if you want to repair your own bike or start a bike shop repair service.

Building up a Ssquared BMX Racing bike for a Great local customer