BMX Cranks

BMX Cranks are available in many lengths, styles and colors. If you want to upgrade your BMX Bike you may want to start with the cranks. If you have one piece it is time to install a higher quality crank. We carry all the best race brands including Box, Redline, Profile Racing, Insight, Excess, Bombshell and may others. We also carry the freestyle type too. These brands include Kink, Mission, Primo, Fit, Shadow, Stranger, GT, Federal and more. 3pc cranks generally spin much smoother because of the design and the sealed precision bearings they run on. All three piece take a 9/16″ pedal thread. 1pc take 1/2″. Your can do your own upgrade or support your local bike shop of have professionals like us do it all for you. This is a link to some popular models on our website.