BMX Pedals

Order BMX Pedals for your bike. We have all kinds of pedals including Freestyle, Street, Jumping, Racing, Mountain, Road, Downhill, clipless and many others. Many bikes come stock with plastic pedals so upgrading to sealed or aluminum pedals may be a great start to upgrading your bicycle. There are many types of pedals. Caged pedals have a platform and a cage attached to the body. Platform pedals have no cage and use pins to grip your feet. The Shimano DX was one of the first platform pedals that became popular back in the old days. The caged pedals are known for having very sharp teeth that can cut your shin when you slip a pedal. Some of the most popular racing brands are Answer, Insight, Box, Tangent, Avian, MCS and Time. Popular for Freestyle include Shadow, Haro, Premium, Animal and Odyssey. Old school pedals include Bassett, Haro, Victor, SE Racing and Bullseye.

BMX Pedals Platform

Platform pedals in Jet Fuel Color

Mountain & Road

Mountain and road bikes will often buy clip in pedals which are actually called clipless. They are called clipless because they don’t use clips like the classic bikes had where you attach a clip and strap to the pedal. Clips or clipless pedals allow your foot to stay attached to the pedal. This gives the rider the ability to pull up on the crank as well as push down. This maximizes pedal efficiency. Today’s clipless pedals can be plastic aluminum or Carbon. Carbon being the lightest and most expensive. Some of the popular brands of clip in pedals include Shimano and Time. Lower priced brands include Victor, Blackops, Origin 8 and many others.

time mx12 carbon pedals
Time Clip in Pedals for Road Racing