BMX Wheels

Order your next set of BMX Wheels online. We carry all types of wheels including BMX Racing, Freestyle, Mountain and Road. Customers upgrade their wheels to lighten up their bike and to make it run faster. Many stock bike wheels have unsealed hubs and single wall rims. The higher quality wheels have sealed bearing hubs and double wall rims. Sealed hubs will last for years and years and double wall rims don’t bend as easily. Just look at your tire size on the tires to see what size rims you need. A 20″ rim for example does not measure 20″ in diameter. It actually measures about 18″ in diameter. Once the tire is mounted and inflated then you get the actual size of your bicycle wheels.

You can upgrade to disc wheels or carbon or aluminum.

You can get all the best brands of wheels like Crupi, Box, Answer, Bombshell, TNT and many others. We sell wheels for new type bikes and older type retro bikes. No matter what you need we can help you pick a nice new set of wheels that will fit and improve your bicycling experience. Of course, we have tires, tubes and rim strips in all sizes and colors.

We also carry all sizes and types of wheels for bike repairs.

Crupi Carbon Disc Wheels
Crupi Carbon BMX Racing Wheels