For every struggle there is any even greater reward.

The entire human race is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic so your patience is appreciated by everyone. Check the Featured and Sale products for recommendations. Products listed in those pages are usually up do date. If you need to be sure if something will not be back ordered or refunded please email or call to verify stock. If you need something not showing on our website please let us know so we can check stock for you and get it displayed on the site.

The pandemic has caused a massive surge in bicycle sales and at the same time supply is very limited. If we missed your email or telephone call we apologize. We will send out emails with questions if we have any. When orders are completed we email a notification so please check your spam mail if needed.

We are seeing some pockets of recovery and there is plenty of hope for a return to normality. For every struggle there is any even greater reward. This is a family run business and this note was written by the owner, Joe.