Save Planet Earth

Help Save the Earth by Riding Bikes

Ride Bikes, Recycle, Replenish, Be Happy,

Our World has 7 Billion Human inhabitants

Lets all keep the Earth clean and natural.

What can you do?

Ride Bicycles as much as possible
Decrease consumption of anything not directly related to human survival
Recycle everything you can
Do not over fish the lakes and oceans, practice catch and release
Get less takeout meals as all the containers and packaging are waste
Turn your automobile off when not driving
Plant Trees
Do NOT cut down a Christmas Tree every year
Use your expendable money to give to charity, start a business or invest in mutual funds
No Littering
Purchase smaller automobiles and electric vehicles

What can government do?

Offer rewards to Bicyclist and the Bicycle Industry
Develop roads to accommodate cycling
Offer incentives for Solar Power
Tax Cigarettes and Alcohol and anything not needed for survival

Please help save our Planet and become an environmentalist. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Here is a article written about Wall Street, Politics, COVID19 and the state of the bicycle industry. Lets keep the bikes rolling!