If you are interested in investing in opportunities that can strengthen your ethical and financial position please read on to learn more. The bicycle industry is driven by environmentally conscience, thrill seeking people. Bicycles are great source for clean transportation. It is proven that bicycles are one of the very best forms of exercise. Fun, healthy people fill this group and we all know that growing this industry is essential to the human race.

With the recent and ongoing Corona19 pandemic we have seen a unprecedented surge in bicycle sales and service. With social distancing in effect, what is there better to do than to go for a bike ride. The mail order side of our business is accelerating straight up, but with every positive there is always a negative. Supply has been stressed and inventories can not keep up with demand. If you think we can help each other lets talk.

Please email if you are interested in more information about how you can invest and be part of this once in a life time opportunity. In your email tell us how you can help or invest. For example, maybe you are all ready in the bike industry and want to pool resources and knowledge. If you are a young entrepreneur into BMX, Mountain or Road bikes this investment could give you the rewards you seek. Some of you may just want to remain on the sidelines and enjoy the benefits of being part of something that truly keeps us healthy, wealthy and wise which is something my father says from time to time.