Kink BMX Bikes

Kink BMX Bikes

Kink BMX Bikes and parts. Some of the Model Names include, Kink Curb, Kink Coast 12, Kink Roaster 12, Kink Pump 14, Kink Carve 16, Kink Kicker 18, Kink Launch, Kink Gap, Kink Gap FC, Kink Gap XL, Kink Downside, Kink Cloud, Kink Whip, Kink Whip XL, Kink Liberty, Kink Williams and the Kink Drifter 26 Big BMX Bike.

Kink BMX Bikes Bike are nice quality BMX Freestyle Bikes. Kink Bikes range in price from about $200.00 to $700.00. Kink makes bikes with 12″ to 26″ size wheels so they have a wide range models to choose from. Kinks bikes are distributed by Blackout Distribution in Rochester New York USA.

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BMX bikes have become widely popular in the past few years as kids realize the endless possibility of have fun outdoors can be. 20″ Wheeled BMX bikes are still the most common wheel size for BMX Bikes. However, 24″, 26″ 29″ Big BMX bikes are becoming more and more popular. This is because many of the BMX riders from the 1980s have become about 45 to 50 years of age and now want to ride again. This unique group of riders is choosing bikes with bigger wheels so they can ride faster and more comfortably. Some of these riders are seen on videos doing super long wheelies on their retro 26 inch BMX bikes. Cycling is an environment friendly industry and the excersize of riding your bike is great for your health. Bike brands like Kink only make quality BMX bikes that you can not find at Walmat type department stores. Kink Bikes are quality made and last so what you waiting for?

Here are some more quality bike manufacturers: Fit Bikes, Haro, Redline, Eastern Bikes, Sunday, Fairdale, DK Bikes, Verde Bikes, SE Racing and Chase Bikes. Some of these companies make a nice line of quality BMX Parts too.

Mail Order companies like us sell Kink BMX Bikes and parts. You can have a complete bike shipped right to your house or place of business.
If you buy your own bike you will be the mechanic who learns how to assemble and maintain it.

Dont forget you can ride to work!

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