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Bosch PowerTube 750 battery

The Bosch PowerTube 750 battery is the new powerhouse among the Bosch ebike batteries for long and demanding rides. Like all Bosch PowerTubes, the battery is perfectly integrated into the frame of the eBike. The smart battery management system reliably protects the battery cells from overload. There is an intuitive, lockable mechanism, making the battery particularly easy and convenient to use.

  • The best batter for long and challenging rides, The PowerTube 750 offers approx. 20% longer range compared to the PowerTube 625 and is ideal for long and demanding rides
  • Lithium-ion battery is equipped with a battery management system that protects the battery cells from overload
  • The battery is always securely fastened in the frame, and removal is via an intuitive, lockable mechanism that offers user-friendly operation
  • Charge time approx 6 hours for full capacity
  • The smart system compatible
  • Horizontal/Vertical mount is determined by the bike frame and refers to the battery postion
  • 36V, 20.1 Amp Hours. Approx 750 watts.
  • Please note: the smart system is not compatible with the Bosch eBike System 2

We carry battery testers and other Battery parts made by Bosch and other brands. You may contact the Manufacturer for questions.

These Ebike Batteries are not returnable due to Hazmat Shipping Regulations and the special shipping account required.

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