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Box Buzz Freewheel,

The Box Buzz Freewheel has 108 points of engagement. Buzz around on your bike and have some fun. After all, we are on a spinning planet revolving around a near by burning hot star we call the Sun.

  • Buzz Freewheels combine durability with lightning-fast engagement
  • Tested extensively by the Dutch National BMX Team, Damien Godet, Kory Cook, and numerous other elite racers
  • Features 9 super durable pawls and chromoly construction
  • Compatible with 1/2″ and 3/32″ chains
  • 1.375 x 24 TPI hub threading
  • Who does’t like a nice buzzing sound
  • 44T:16T is the standard BMX Gearing on a 20″ Wheels BMX bike. However, the more modern setup on a freestyle bike is 25T:9T. The gearing is the same ratio even though the appearance is completely different.

Not too stealth when buzzing by the Police.

DYK: Its considered rude to ask for shipping details from suppliers. Faith is where its at.

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