Box One Expert Wheels 451 20×1 1/8″


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Box One Expert Wheels 451 20×1 1/8″

Order the Box One Expert Wheels. Hand built in Southern California, Box One™ 451 (20 x 1 1/8”) wheels are made with Box One™ front and rear rims and 28-hole Box One™ hubs laced radially front and 3-cross rear with 15 gauge stainless steel spokes and alloy nipples.  Ride Box Components.

Rims : Box One™ (aka Focus)
Hubs : Box One™ (aka Harmonics)
Lacing : Radial Front, 3-Cross Rear
Spokes : 15 Gauge Stainless Steel (black)
Nipples : Alloy (black)

WEIGHT 1211 gr
AXLE 10mm
Wheel Type Pair
Spokes number 28

Note: Rider weight limit: 99 lbs

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Weight 9 lbs

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