Cloud 9 Mens Comfort Seat Lycra Comfortable Bike Seat 49356

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Our Comfort Select saddles use a thick layer of multi-stage padding and shock absorbing elastomer suspension to guarantee comfort. A slight anatomic relief channel reduces perineal pressure.

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Cloud 9 Mens Comfort Seat bike

This Cloud 9 Mens Comfort Seat attached to a standard seatpost. This seat included the seat clamp that attaches to the rails. This clamp allows you to adjust the seats tipping angle. You will want to angle it level for best results.

  • 11″ long x 7.75″ wide
  • Multi-stage foam
  • Anatomic relief design
  • Elastomer spring suspension
Rail Padding Cover Material Suspension Color Size (LxW) Gender
Steel Multi-Stage Foam Lycra Elastomer Spring Black 11×7.75″ Mens

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