Crupi Catalina Race Frame


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Crupi Catalina Race Frame

Introducing the Crupi Catalina Race Frame!  These all American made frames are constructed of high grade 6061-T6 Aluminum and feature butted top and down tubes. These butted tubes maintain our frames strength and stiffness at the headset and bottom bracket while cutting down on weight.  Undeniable race proven reliability! Ride Crupi.

When you are ready to take your riding to the next level, training and your equipment are essential to getting there.  The frame is the center of it all and once you have your frame, you can then build the rest of your bike with top level parts as quickly or as slowly as you like until the entire bike is completely dialed in the way you want it!  Read below to find out what makes Crupi frames special.

Crupi was always well known for its high-end CNC machined parts from the early 80’s.  But in the late 90’s, Crupi decided to build a frame to showcase all of its top notch parts.  In the late 90’s, Crupi was co-sponsoring many of the top AA Pros who rode for many different brands and with design help from these top riders, we came up with a frame design which was a bit radical compared to many of the other frame brands at the time.  Steeper head angles and shorter back ends made our frames react much quicker than most other frames at the time which is exactly what the Pro’s and Expert level riders wanted.  So Crupi’s first production frame became available in early 2000.

Like most high-end frame brands, Crupi frames have gone through a number of improvements over the years and today we now have our most advanced frame ever!

Built with seamless drawn 6061 T6 tubing. Very few other frame companies use this type of material because it is more expensive. The cold reduction process of our tubing improves dimensional tolerances and simply makes a stronger frame. The material is so good that each material run comes with quality certification sheets that show that the material was tested for mechanical properties and an aluminum chemical analysis.

All Crupi frames feature this seamless drawn material which is now squared off at the ends to provide more welding surface.  By using larger diameter and square shaped down tubes, we can stiffen and strengthen these tubes even more!  But by increasing the diameter, it also increases the weight.  To compensate for this extra weight, we have created our own custom butted top and down tubes to reduce this extra weight.

The chain stays are tear dropped in shape giving a very strong and stiff back end. The axle slot in the dropouts is parallel to the ground meaning no matter what position your rear wheel is in; the frame geometry will not change.

All Crupi frames feature faced head tubes and bottom brackets so installing headsets or bottom brackets is a snap and when installed with the proper tools, bottom brackets and headsets fit perfectly flat and level so your bike will perform at its best.

All Crupi frames feature special brake cable hangars which allow you to install the brake cables by hand without having to cut the cable housing.  This custom hangar also prevents the cable from slapping the side of your frame when riding!  And with the proper adapter, all Crupi frames can accept disc brakes too!

All Crupi Catalina frames feature integrated head tubes in 1-1/8” for our larger frames and true 1″ integrated head tubes for our smaller frames.  The Level frames all feature Integrated Pro Taper Head Tubes which require a Pro Taper 1-1/8 – 1.5 Headset.

And there you have it.  Race proven frames over the years with our National #1 Factory Team, Our European UCI #1 Team and multiple World Champion riders.  With 16 different frame sizes to fit every size rider and custom-made graphics to truly make it your own.  Custom frame colors are also available.  Get yours today!

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