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Dicta BMX Freewheel Gold

The Dicta BMX freewheel is for standard threaded hubs. These are old school and do not remove easily remove since there is not any large prongs to press a freewheel tool into like the ACE Crossfire has. We have and to put them in a vice and crush them them turn the wheel counter clock wise to unscrew the freewheel. Dicta freewheels are low cost and will last a few years, however, if that’s as far ahead you need to think. This is the same freewheel used in the old school days along with the much better Suntour 4 prong freewheel.

We have include the Dicta Freewheel tool.

Freewheel Thread: English
Cassette Body Type: Threaded Standard
Chain Compatibility: 3/32″/1/2″ x 1/8″
Intended Use: BMX
Color: Brown
Invoice Description: Dicta 3/32 BMX freewheel
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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