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DK Megawatt Rear Hub

DK Megawatt 36H Drilling Pattern

Colors: Black, Polished, Red, Blue, Gold, White

Product Details

The DK Megawatt hub features an innovative ratchet ring
with 120 points of engagement. The heat-treated Chromoly driver holds
three pawls that contain 12 points of contact each, engaging the hub
every 3 degrees. A Chromoly female axle with 4 – 6902 bearings (2 in the
hub and 2 in the driver) cuts down on the flex coming out of the gate.
The larger bearing in the driver reduces drag and adds durability.
Available in: Black, White, Cyan, Emerald, Gold, Red
  • Female 3/8″ Axle
  • 120 Points of Engagement (or Every 3 Degrees)
  • 3 Pawls with 12 Points Each
  • Overall Weight – 19.02oz (542g)
  • Hub with Bolts, No Cog and Spacers – 16.8oz (477g)
  • Hub Alone, No Bolts, Cog or Spacers – 14.15oz (402g)
  • 16 Tooth Cog
  • 4 – 6902 Bearings
  • Availalbe in 6 Colors


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Weight 2 lbs


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