GT Power Series Cranks Chromo 4130 BMX


GT Cranks called the Power Series are excellent old school Retro BMX cranks. Try these on your next new bike build or restoration. These 19mm GT Cranks are an exact copy of the same cranks GT made in the 1980s BMX era. A 24mm Axle Version is also available in this Crank.

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Sealed 19mm Bottom Bracket Kit, If you need any other changes, make notes in order comments or email us. Retro BB Option is not the Hop Up Model and has no fancy Cone Spacers.

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GT Power Series Cranks BMX 4130

The new GT Power Series Cranks are Chromoly and Selling Fast!!! Made in 19mm standard or 24mm axle. The 24mm axle would require a 24mm bottom bracket bearing. 24mm is the heavy duty version of the standard 19mm spindle diameter. These were made in 2020.
We will have the GT Power Series Alloy 22mm axle cranks available in 2021 but no ETA yet. The Aluminum GT cranks have a 22mm spindle (axle).

We say these selling for $500.00 on Auction Sites.

GT 4130 Cranks Specifications
19mm chromoly 48 spline spindle axle
175mm length only
Chromoly 2pc Arms where the axle is fixed to the right crank arm
Reproduction of the same GT cranks made in the 1980s
You will need a 19mm BB in the size that your frame takes.
Old School frames will take an American 19mm BB.
New School frames would be Mid 19mm for the most common size.
Mid is simply the size of the American BB without the Cup. So the Mid frame BB shell is smaller by the thickness to the Cup that surrounded the sealed bearing.
Mid BBs have no Cup around the bearing. The downside is the bearings usually get damaged when removed without taking tactical precautions. Choose these cranks to build up your new old school bmx or your new school. We have installed and tested these and the are performing excellent. Profile Racing makes similar cranks that cost a little more because they are American made. Install a set on your bike and get outside and ride till you can’t ride anymore!

Old School Insider Knowledge:
These cranks came stock on the GT Team Complete bike models. These models included bikes like the GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team for one example. I remember them because I had to pull them off the 18 wheelers and stock our warehouse with these huge GT bike shipments back in the late 1980s and into the 1990s. Those were the days. My buddy at Wes BMX was also selling these bikes worldwide. Wes was just across the river in a near by town. Remember Wes BMX? Without Wes there may not have been a freestyle revolution.

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