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GT Superlace BMX Wheels

GT Superlace BMX Wheels are designed to work well with your retro or race bike bike builds. 16T cog included. Additionally included is the  9T driver which allows use with a 25T front gear on some frames. See how nice the packaging is at!

GT Hubs Built on Sun Rhyno Lite Chrome Double Wall rims are pictured. Chrome Spokes and Silver Alloy Nipples.

GT Superlace BMX Hubs Pro 120 point cassette hub set, F/R 3/8″ female axles with thread in bolts, 36 hole F/R, Includes 16T chromoly cog, spacers and lock-ring. The 9T RSD driver sitting next to the hubs is also included. These same style retro GT hubs were sold back in the 1980s. GT started making these again in 2017.

NOTE: 9T Driver is shipped with the wheels inside the box. Allow 2 weeks eta for delivery on this set.

If you buy just the parts here is the hub Specs needed for determining spoke length with a online spoke length Calculator.

Front Hub in Millimeters

LCF 34.5
RCF 34.5

LFD 61
RFD 61

Rear Hub in Millimeters

LCF 25
RCF 27

LFD 56
RFD 56

Get your Rims ERD and use these specs in a spoke length calculator and you will have the spoke length needed. If your spokes are plus or minus 2 millimeters you will be OK as long as all the spokes are the same length.

The ERD on say a Sun Rhynolite rim is 395mm for one example. I typed in the dimensions with the online Spoke calculater with 3 cross lacing pattern and got 186mm for both hubs. This size is pretty common so it makes sense too! The most common mistake people make when building their own wheels is the spoke direction. You can see the mistake at the valve hole when the spokes to flow away from the hole making less room for the tube valve.


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