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Mahle SP1 Range extender battery ebike riding extension

The Mahle SP1 Range extender battery provides 36V/250W of additional power bringing the total capacity to 450W. The Range extender includes a holder that mounts to the water bottle bosses on the frame. It charges the main battery while riding and offers a parallel power supply to the motor when the power draw exceeds 2A. Works with X35 Ebike Systems.

Battery, Holder and Retention Straps included

  • 36V 250W Panasonic
  • Made in Germay
  • BUS Compatible (Smart), Balanced operation as charger or independent battery
  • The Mahle charger will recharge both the main and range extender batteries at the same time
  • just less than 4lbs
  • Will not work with Cannondale Treadwell Step Thru Bike because the cable will be too short.
  • works on most all X35 ebike systems
  • works on many Cannondale ebikes

We carry battery testers and other Battery parts made by Bosch and other brands. You may contact the Manufacturer for questions.

These Ebike Batteries are not returnable due to Hazmat Shipping Regulations and the special shipping account required.

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Weight 10 lbs


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