MCS BMX Retro Seatpost Old School BMX



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Seat Guts 22.2mm

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MCS BMX Retro Seatpost

MCS Laidback Seatpost 22.2mm 7/8″ or 25.4mm 1″ Assorted Sizes and models

MCS Laidback Seatpost 22.2mm description:

Old School Laid Back Seat Post fits older vintage BMX frames with 7/8th inch seat tubes. 7/8″ is equal to 22.2mm. Chrome. 100% chromoly Steel. If MCS  Brand, Sticker will say MCS with red color. MCS Laidback Seatpost 22.2mm 7/8″ or 25.4mm 1″

A Laidback BMX Seatpost will make riding wheelies a little easier. We used to ride wheels down hills while coasting. You can tap your brakes
on and off to prevent from tipping back too far. It takes some practice and some decent brakes like the Diacompe MX1000 for old school or Odyssey Evo 2.5 for new school bikes.

Got a question about what fits what on your old school bike. Email us. Include any measurements that may be helpful. We have been in World Wide Bicycle Mail Order since 1981. Doubt you can get info like this on Amazon or eBay.

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