Odyssey BMX Brake Pads Slim By Four



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Odyssey BMX Brake Pads

These Odyssey BMX Brake Pads are the Slim By Four Brake Pad in Clear or Black

The Odyssey Slim by Four is a BMX-specific brake pad with a
symmetric shape designed for both forwards and backwards braking. A
custom inner frame helps to stiffen the pad and prevents excessive
braking power from being lost to flex. Available in several different

Brake Pad Specs:

Clear and Gum colored “Soft” compound pads provide extra grip on powder coated rims.

Red “Medium” compound pads are a mix of “grip” and “feather” on most rim finishes.

“Normal” compound Slim By Four pads are the most popular pad choice for
most riders.

Weight:1.9 oz. Pair


Mechanic Tip: You can adjust the pads so the front of the pad contacts the rim before the rear to help stop the squealing.

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