Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster V2 Hub BMX


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The Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster Hub is a traditional clutch-based coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. A new, super-strong FULL 14mm axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. Equipped with external slack adjustment, which can be done with a 2.5mm hex key through a hub shell access hole (can be adjusted without removing the wheel), and an improved plastic hub guard spec.
Same Clutch coaster hub you’ve come to love, but with a few upgrades.
Available in Black and Polished.
14mm chromoly axle bolts on both the drive and non-drive side for greater reliability
Improved clutch engagement
Crankflip ready
More slack than the v1 hub
Improved manufacturing precision throughout
All-new durable proprietary plastic spec for the removable hub guard
Protected by US Patent 9,469,157
Super-durable bearing arrangement throughout
Maximum strength axle design
Unique external slack adjustment feature
Super-durable drag mechanism design
Available in RHD and LHD
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