Odyssey Slic Brake Cable Slick BMX


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Odyssey Slic Brake Cable BMX

The Odyssey Slic Brake Cable can have a a 1.5mm or 1.8″ x 65″ pre-stretched “slic kable” inner
wire with teflon coating. They have 60″ tight coil housing. This Slic Cable includes brake lever lug Brake cables are a standard length (usually too long). You cut the excess cable at the end on the installation job. Leave about 4 inches of cable then crimp the cable end on, so the cable does not fray. You may need to buy the brake cable crimp if it did not come with your cable. The Odyssey Slic cable includes the crimp, housing, inner cable and extra housing metal end caps. You will need a good quality cable cutter like the Park CN-10 so your cable does not fray. The cable tension adjusting barrel does not come with brake cables, it is sold with the brake lever (because there are many size barrels). Note also that most inner wire brake cables have two ends on them of which you will cut the end you don’t need. The end that fits 10speed brake levers is the one you cut if you are working on a BMX Bike.

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