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Profile Mini Cassette Hub

The Profile Mini Cassette Hub features:

  • High/low flange cassette hub
  • 36 Hole, 28H
  • Choice of 9T through 18T rear cog (9-10-11T cog/driver)
  • 9T is 1/8″ Chain Only. 10T and up is compatible with 1/8″ or 3/32″ chain.
  • 14mm Gun Drilled Hollow rear axle is the new standard (14mm titanium and 14mm Hollow axle upgrades available) or 3/8″
  • 4 pawl engagement mechanism with CNC machined drivers in CrMo or optional Ti
  • Available in RHD or LHD

It is important to also replace your chain whenever you install a new
driver. A worn, stretched chain will cause your driver to wear out much

This is the most common sold of the Profile Racing hubs. Profile also makes the Elite, Gyrolite Retro Hubs and Mini hubs with High Flange.

We also sell these in pairs or front only.

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Weight 2 lbs


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