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Profile Race BMX Cranks with pre-selected options

Order the Profile Race BMX Cranks. These are American Made BMX Cranks. Crank arms include a sprocket bolt unless you choose the no sprocket bolt option which is called no boss. No Boss type crank arms also work if you need non-standard Left Side Drive. No boss means you need a 48 spline drive sprocket because there is no sprocket bolt on the arm. For information on how to install cranks, check our Mechanics Page. These are sometimes drop shipped from manufacturer direct to you for faster service.


  • The Profile Racing Chrome moly Race Crankset is everything you need to run Profile cranks except the bottom bracket (which is sold seperately).
  • RHD: Right hand crank arm has sprocket boss.
  • LHD: Right and left hand crank arms have sprocket bosses.
  • RHD crankset includes crank arms, 19mm GDH heat-treated CrMo axle, GDH CrMo axle bolts, flush  washers, sprocket bolt, and crank installation/removal tool.
  • LHD crankset includes crank arms, 19mm GDH heat-treated CrMo axle, GDH crank bolts, flush –  washers, two sprocket bolts, and crank installation/removal tool. Titanium upgrades available for axle,  axle bolts, and sprocket bolts.
  • Titanium upgrades available for axle, axle  bolts, and sprocket bolt.
  • -Guide for 19mm axle lenghts:
    -5.625″(for Mid,American,Spanish,and internal Euro BB’s)
    -6.0″(for 68mm & 73mm external Euro BB’s)
    -6.875″(for 83mm & 100mm Euro BB’s)
    -5.25″(for Track 68mm internal Euro BB’s)
  • -Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser.  Ride Profile Racing.


Crank Arm Weight (per set):
145mm: 505g/17.75oz
160mm: 539g/18.95oz
165mm: 561g/19.75oz
170mm: 562g/19.8oz
175mm: 572g/20.15oz
177mm: 577g/20.3oz
180mm: 590g/20.8oz
182mm: 596g/21oz
185mm: 588g/20.75oz
190mm: 613g/21.6oz

Axle Weight:
Chromo 5.25in: 227g/8oz Titanium: 148g/5.2oz
Chromo 5.625in: 245g/8.6oz Titanium: 156g/5.5oz
Chromo 6.0in: 259g/9.1oz Titanium: 163g/5.7oz
Chromo 6.875in: 296g/10.4oz Titanium: 199g/6.96oz

WEIGHT 3.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 11 × 9 × 7 in


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Weight 2 lbs


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