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Redline BMX Frame Decals Sticker Kit

This Redline BMX Frame Decals set is a complete frame decal set w/ multiple frame fork bar post decals. 2 big 4 medium 2 small REDLINEs and 8 small RLs.

Color is white (no red left). Peal and stick onto your  frame and make it look new again. You can use these stickers on any brand you like. Who says it has to be a Redline. Turn your Walmart 2 wheeler into a sporty Redline.

Stickers at not easy to install so be ready for a challenge. If you have a older Retro BMX Bike, you may want to leave the original stickers on it to retain its vintage value.


*We ship this USPS like we do with all small packages for super fast (almost light speed) transit times. Do you know the speed at which light travels through space?


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