Shimano DXR Cranks MX71 MX-71 SALE BMX


Shimano DXR MX71 New BMX Racing Cranks are the original 2pc 4 bolt 104bcd model. Order before they sell out again. Accept 9/16″ BMX Pedals only. Silver Polished Only.

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Order Shimano DXR Cranks 165mm, 170mm, 175mm and 180mm

Description for Shimano DXR Cranks:

The most common size ordered for adult BMX racing is 175mm.

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Shimano MX71 as seen in our picture is the newest model.

There is very low stock status throughout USA, but we do have a few sets left.
Shimano DXR Cranks are based on the popular Saint Design but refined more for BMX use. These 2pc. cranks utilize Hollowtech aluminum arms for stiffness and a hollow oversized Aluminum spindle to shave weight. The also use a 4 Bolt Spider to work with FSA or Shimano Chainrings. This comes with a 68mm/73mm Shimano Euro Bottom Bracket. These cranks do not include a gear, but we do have 4 bolt gears available.

The Park BBT-9 tool is needed to install these bmx cranks.

You will need a threaded European bottom bracket shell on your frame. The threading on all bottom bracket cups is designed so that the cranks will not loosen up. The drive side tightens in a counter clock wise direction and the non drive side is standard. The pedals of the crank arms both tighten toward the front wheel. You may need a special pedal wrench to get your pedals tight depending on your brand of cranks and the amount of room for a wrench. The pedal wrenches are narrow allowing the wrench to get between the pedal and the crank arm. Use a little grease on all threaded parts on your bicycle.

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