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Speedline BMX Wheels

Speedline BMX Wheels with Buzz Hub

Complete Wheelsets with the new Killer Buzz Hubs are the “Bees Knees” of complete alloy BMX race Wheels . Starting out with the new Speedline Killer Buzz hubs, we drop in some 15/16 g double butted Stainless Steel spokes – Black of Course. Lace them up in either a 3 cross, or a Radial Lace for the Little guys, and connect them to the new Speedline Alloy Rims to Build up a light weight , Strong and dependable race wheelset.

406 Rear Disk Wheel – 954 grams
406 Front Wheel – 752 Grams

451 Rear Wheel – 812 Grams
451 Front Wheel – 610 Grams

Weights are on a non calibrated electronic postal scale and may vary.

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Weight 10 lbs


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