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Time XC4 BMX Pedals

Description for Time XC4 BMX Pedals is as follows.
How would you like a pair of sub-300 gram/pair mountain bike pedals that are bomb-proof and stellar in the mud? Look no further than the Time ATAC XC4 mountain bike pedals. They use Time’s famous ATAC system for easy engagement and they shed mud like nobody’s business. The composite body is ultra-durable and lightweight while a hollow steel axle and stainless steel stamped dual arch clips are supremely tough customers. Without a doubt, this is one of the best values in mountain bike pedals out there. ATAC retention system sheds mud and makes it easy to clip in and out Composite body is durable and lightweight Hollow steel axle and stainless steel stamped dual arch clips are built to last Angular float +/- 5°, lateral float 6mm to help protect your knees. Time XC4 BMX Pedals can be used for BMX or Mountain Bike riding.


With patented A.T.A.C. (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) off-road pedals, foot retention is independent of spring tension. The optimal release angle of 10 degrees provides consistent entry and release. The low spring tension of the ATAC design causes less friction in muddy or extreme conditions than with other pedals. The minimal effort provides consistent entry and release from the ATAC pedals. With the narrow release angle of other off-road pedal designs, an accidental release is prevented by high spring tension. This high spring tension, combined with dirt or mud, creates excessive friction. For fast engagement, ATAC pedals have a double-sided mechanism and a body profile designed to facilitate entry from every position. The cleat engagement window on an ATAC pedal is 35% wider than on an SPD© pedal. This larger target allows you to concentrate on riding, with no need to focus on aligning your foot with the pedal.


History of TIME Bike Parts

Founded in 1987 by Roland Cattin, TIME creates, manufactures and distributes highly technical bicycle products. TIME history began with a clipless bicycle pedal system designed to accommodate the biomechanical constraints of the rider. In 1993, TIME began to diversify with carbon composite frames using Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology. TIME weaves its own custom tubular carbon layers in its RTM factory in Vaulx-Milieu France, outside of Lyon. This gives TIME’s engineers control of the technical characteristics of each carbon layer, as well as freedom of shape of the frame component parts. TIME products gained fame in the early 1990s, after being debuted on the podium by Pedro Delgado in 1988, then multiple Tour de France winner Greg LeMond in his champion-style 1989 Tour de France victory which was followed by multiple Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain. This was a major change for the field, in which LOOK had been the most notable brand until then. Today, TIME is one of the leading brands of carbon fiber racing bicycle frames and forks. TIME’s off-road pedals, use a concept TIME calls ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept). This concept allows release angle to be independent of spring tension. Among the most widely used pedals by both recreational and professional cyclists, 120,000 pairs are manufactured annually. They have also become a favorite of inner-city bicycle couriers, because of their small cleat size, ease of entry and exit, light weight, and reliability. TIME created the first automatic pedal to provide a freedom of lateral and angular float, TIME pedals claim to considerably reduce tendinitis, a problem that many riders and especially professionals face.


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