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We can build wheels for you with any TNT Hubs. TNT hubs are most commonly built with Sun Rhyno Lite or TNT Rims. If you need wheels order here or send a email with what you need and we will send you a personalized price quote.


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NOS TNT Derringer Hubs for BMX

These TNT Derringer Hubs are American Made by TNT. These TNT Hubs are Flip flop threaded so you can install a 13T and larger freewheel. TNT Derringers were one of the very best BMX hubs in the 1980s and now you can get them today!
Pair Sealed 36 or 28H. We also carry the TNT Revolver Hubs which are high flange style.
Call us for custom wheel building or order what you need on line.
Type a note in order comments and we will calculate your spoke length for you!
We also have the TNT Revolver and Expert Cassette and 20mm Front hubs and the Pro cassette!

If you want colored axle nuts make a note in order comments.

TNT Derringer Built Spoke Length for 3 cross spoke lacing:

SUN ENVY 20 RIMS 20 inch rims (188 front) (186 rear)
SUN RHYNO LITE XL 20 inch rims (190 front) (188 rear)

Option: Cone thread will match your axle
Option: Washer is quantity 4 for both your hubs to match

The TNT Derringer low flange hub set is a classic product
that has stood the test of time. Originally introduced in
the late 1980’s, the Derringer won more races than any
other hub set on the market. Ask almost anybody involved
in BMX, and it’s safe to say that 9 out of 10 people most
likely owned a set of Derringer hubs at one point in their
racing career. Paired with a high quality freewheel, the
Derringer offers an affordable alternative to cassette
hubs. To this day the Derringer remains a trusted and
proven product. Some key features include precision sealed
bearings, chromoly axle, aluminum bearing collars, aluminum
axle nuts, laser etched logo, and flip flop freewheel
capability allowing for 13T -22T sizes. Available in 28 or
36H patterns, and in various colors.

FRONT HUB DETAILS for calculating spoke length etc:
1. Flange Size = 38.00mm, (measured from center to center
of spoke hole)
2. Flange Distance = 67.00mm, (measured from center of
flange to center of flange)
3. Center of Hub to Center of Flange = 33.50mm
4. Axle Length = 150mm (Chromoly Axle) (3/8″ x 26tpi)
5. Hub Spacing = 100mm (to fit between dropouts)
6. Bearings = 2 Sealed
1. Flange Size = 45.00mm, (measured from center to center
of spoke hole)
2. Flange Distance = 54.00mm, (measured from center of
flange to center of flange)
3. Center of Hub to Center of Flange = 27.00mm
4. Axle Length = 160mm (Chromoly Axle) (3/8″ x 26tpi)
5. Hub Spacing = 110mm (to fit between dropouts)
6. Bearings = 2 Sealed


The Blue hubs in the picture show what blue Washers would look like. Use your imagination for other combinations.

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