Weinmann DM30 Rear 9T RSD BMX Wheel Black Only



Rear Axle Size * 

Check the size of your frame dropout or old wheel to determine axle size. 14mm is stronger for Peg use.

Add Rim Strip

protective strip so your tube does not get punctured on the sharp nipples under high air pressure.

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Front Matching Wheel with 3/8″ axle.

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Weinmann DM30 Rear 9T cheap replacement wheel Black

Weinmann DM30 Rear 9T Double Wall 36H rear wheel with 9T right side drive driver. 36H hub is not sealed bearings. Axle is 14mm or 3/8 or slotted 14mm. Slotted fits 3/8″ frame dropouts. The slotted is a 14mm axle cut down to 3/8″. 20 x 1.75. Works best with 25T front sprocket. If your hub is loose (side to side play) you probably need a new wheel as the hubs on many stock BMX bikes do go bad. This is due to all the hard riding and grinding. Part #640156-10mmjbi

Some of the Walmart Type bikes have a 3/8″ Axle on the Rear with a 9T rear gear.
Normally these days you would have a 14mm rear axle and 3/8 inch on your front wheel. If your wheel bearings got loose or if you bent your rim, this is your replacement rear wheel. Its a higher quality wheel than the one that fell apart from Walmart or other department stores. This will get you by until you can afford sealed bearings or a higher quality bike. This 9T rear gear is designed to work with small front gears like a 25T. Unsealed bearings. 36H Rear Black 20 x 1.75.

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