Zoowiyya Songs

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Zoowiyya Songs, Zoo-wiyya, Zuwiyya

Original Songs by Zoowiyya Words and Music by Joe Zuwiyya
1-14 Recorded using cell phone with Paul Knapik on Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, Paul is my Guitar Teacher
15 and up are older songs. More songs will be up soon, as I get time. Stop on back.

*These are all rough first takes and I know they need work. Thanks for stoppin. If you like, check my Facebook page with a couple videos of me playing original songs on my acoustic guitar. Make some comments on this page or the FB page. Who knows, maybe someone will hear the potential.

Zoowiyya Band, Zuwiyya Band
Hani, Paul and Joe…Left to Right…Ben off this Jam night.


Heres a new song posted on Facebook. Its recorded so I could remember it and not perfect as usual. I found a positive use for my new Iphone, Videos documentation of music.

Note: Use Headphones so the Bass gets picked up better.

View Song 1 form Trio Zuwiyya 02/22/20 Jam Riding on a Train

View Song 2 Buy Buy Love. Similar to another Song we have all heard before.

Song-Saturday Jam Song 3 All Days all Right

The Buzz Cut Trio? Zoowiyya? Possible Names?


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  1. joez

    Like these Songs?

  2. BigGeorge

    Love your work. Do more with the blues.

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