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Jim and I finished up the latest FTD on yesterday. This will segue into #6 covering what Jim discusses as the “bonus” in this episode.
There’s some interesting products in here…two of which I didn’t even know existed until Jim brought them in to film.
Thanks for the support, we hope you enjoy.
In celebration of Profile Racing’s 50th anniversary, owner and founder, Jim Alley, invites us into the company’s original Florida location where some sections of this dark and dusty industrial cave have been sealed off since 2004.
Over time, this building (appropriately named “The Dungeon” by employees) has become a time capsule; a host to historical artifacts capturing Profile’s legacy in both the automotive and bicycle industry.
Join us on this multi-episode series as we press record and let Jim imbue his wealth of knowledge on conjured pieces of the past.
This is From the Dungeon.
Episode #5: Oddities.
On episode #5 of From the Dungeon, Jim Alley gives us insight on Five arcane products that either had extremely low runs or simply never went into production.
Episode Timeline:
.22 — Introduction.
.43 — Oddity #1: The Vector Bar.
1:45 — Oddity #2: Profile Billet Mag Wheels (*Editors correction: These wheels were only made in a freewheel version).
3:05 — Oddity #3: One-off, 19mm Titanium Crank prototype.
3:46 — Oddity #4: BG Racing’s “Studd” slide stem prototype.
5:42 — BONUS: 1/4 scale RC replica of a Sprint Car.
You can check out the complete history of Profile Racing as we cover each of it’s 50 years, weekly, over the course of 2018.
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1998 was pretty special for me, personally, as it was the year I got invited to ride for Profile.
20 years ago….pretty crazy.
Two Iconic parts belted out in 1998: The first LHD Cassette hub in Bmx and Profile’s BlackJack sprocket.
The really amazing part, and not known to me until I did the research here in the shop, were the two rider’s involved in the fruition of each.
I hope you enjoy.

Profile’s Elite BMX Disk Hub: All you need to know.

1997 saw the marriage of two Iconic Mid-School Bmx freestyle components.
Ever heard of the “Tornado” sprocket?
Neither had we until we dug a little into the Dungeon.
Week #29 of Profile’s history is up.
Check it here.
One year can make a huge impact.
1996 was one of those for Profile Racing.
From modified Freewheel, to our first cassette hub.
And, the creation of our most popular bolt on sprocket:
The Profile Imperial.
We dug into the Dungeon for this…some of this stuff has not been seen since 1996.
Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 26, 1994.
While aftermarket GT cranks were in full production here at our factory, they contracted us to manufacture their subsidiary brand’s cranks as well.
Powerlite came into the scene for us, and then soon after, Boss.
Digging into the Dungeon, we’ve discovered cranks arms, spindles, spiders and sprockets that tell an interesting history.
Check it, and thanks for the support.
Joe was the conduit for an epiphany…Personally, I never realized the direct connection between the punk scene and bmx while growing up in Tampa. I’m indebted to both for the philosophy, ethics, and life long friendships they both have bestowed upon me.
It’s an in depth one…I think at one point we transition the conversation from playing a show in Steve Aoki’s living room to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
And we end with my involvement here at Profile Racing.
Thanks to Joe and countless other folks within our bmx community for their support.
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Like George Washington’s teeth, the first mold for the Iconic Profile Racing Horsehoe pedal was made from wood.
Jim Alley digs in the Dungeon pretty deep for this one, covering a pretty comprehensive behind the scenes on our OG pedal production.
And there’s a secret bonus at the end…
This might be my most favorite FTD to date. I had no idea what to expect…Jim said “turn the camera on and follow me.”
I hope you enjoy….this discovery is a real treat.
Please share if you’d like…photo attached as well.
This is THE first 19mm, 48 splined crank spindle circa 1980.
Episode #3 of FROM THE DUNGEON is live!
Covering its time consuming production and all the tools involved.
Check it!